At the Show! Sorry about your mother.. she will rest in peace. R we just gonna stay up n wait cuz im getting tired they probably just forgot or something
Hey brooklyn and baily, my name is destiny, i love both of the families channels. I help alot out in the community, i volunteer in a community kitchen, serving, and feeding the less fortunate, im a part time cna so i basically help out with the elderly almost everyday, seeing that i put a smile on their faces makes me happy, even though its a tough job, i love it. I help feed them, take them to activities, im always there for emotional support, and to make them feel safe, and comfortable. Just a week ago i spotted an elderly lady crying, i quickly reacted, i asked wat was wrong and i took care of it. She had forgot where she lived, so i helped her find her way home, she was so kind hearted i couldnt even imagine who would leave her alone like that. I had also helped my neighbor clean his home up. He couldnt clean up himself because hes really sick, so once in a while, when i have my spare time i go over and help him. As u can see i love interacting with people, i feel helping people out can make a big difference in this world. Thank you guys for doing this give away, even if i dont win im still thankful to be given an opportunity like this, thanx once again:)

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I want it October 16, 2012 at 3:10 pm Omg I just finished the q&a video and I love your guyss personality. So my act of kindness is I do the dishes after dinner in the summer (if I finished homework because sat prep) and I also cleaned my dads surgery wound like twice a day more than an month
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I donated clothing to a family whose house burned down. External Links Disclosure
tamra Hey girl, i really love you , you are awesome and really funny, my name is Carla Flórez and i am from Colombia, what i do is for my friends, or just one person it doesnt matter, i always listen to them and try to help them in everything they need, if they have a problem i listen to them and give them advice, also if they have done something bad,even if i think is bad , i tell them what is not right, but i still there helping them with anything and behind them because i really dont like when someone is alone or sad, t just made me think what if that person was me?, so i always try to make someone smile and make their problems dissapear for a moment
data-href=”{{story.brand.brand_url}}” Deal of the Day: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet With 12″ Full-HD+ IPS Touchscreen
data-hide-cover=”false” Check us on Google+ Platform: Gleam Apple denies plans to offer wireless service Hey Brooklyn and bailey um I would like to win the contest but I don’t have a face book or Instagram or a twitter so can’t win but I love you so much so don’t pick me please…..send me a t shirt for your YouTube channel or your moms YouTube channel
Revealed: The 4 procedures Meghan’s father could undergo following his heart attack and why they will prevent him from giving his daughter away
Shop Like · 137 · Like · Reply · 27. March 11:00 Footer menu @2017 Blue Wheel Media Terms / Privacy There are a few housekeeping to-dos that you should take care of once the contest has ended. Also, it’s important to know what to expect from your new-and-improved Instagram audience once the giveaway is over.
This raffle was awesome. I got to read awesome acts of kindness and I’m glad I also participated. I just now got such a message.I gave my personal details like my name ,city,email address, postal code ect.But I didn’t give my card details etc.I saw in the above comments that in such condition I am safe.But is it through e-mail they are gonna contact us and if so what should I do?
STEP FIVE: Create and Send Post Images and Descriptions for Your Contest Articles Thats really sweet Samsung Galaxy S8 SAMSON For every subsequent winner selection, the script will run again. This triggers the YouTube Data API subscriber IDs fetch again. The script will download the newest subscribers and keep going until it reaches the followers which were downloaded during the previous run. What this does is save us from having to download a full list of subscribers every time a winner is selected – while also ensuring that everyone is included and has an equal chance of winning for each random draw.
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Hi, i’m going on a vk the 13th -18th do i have to check back right away? will you guys put a video about who the winners are? love ya!!!!!!!!!! About the Author I helped a friend in need when she needed someone to talk too
October 9, 2012 at 4:47 pm Please please raffle copter 1:50 am
All entries placed for an event that has already past will either receive a full refund or placed into a future event.
Online products Just delete or ignore it. Please wait while we process your purchase. Samsung Galaxy S9 Books by GeekDads
CTV News Morning Video BTW, Who is the lucky winner of this iPhone 5? Windows 7 11 ida
USE CODE: HOT30 if (isIE()) { October 10, 2012 at 7:00 pm i miss that’s so raven Simply head over to the deposit page where you can choose the amount you would like to deposit. Choose from our list of deposit options, such as: EFT, Credit Card, Direct Deposit, and more.
hi I just did the entered to send my friends to join but it did not give me my extra 10 points who won? Hey Brooklyn and bailey I love you guys sooooooo much.Honestly what I will say right now is not just for the price.When I will grow up I hope i will go to Africa to help children who are dying and to take the pain away for them.Sorry for my english kisses from Romania! <3 October 9, 2012 at 12:49 pm They only have a handful of followers. this girl named afreen ahmand just copied and pasted what u wrote I received the same message. but I got worried when it comes to add ur credit card. Watch our step-by-step videos to achieve perfect, bubble free installation of your screen protector! To Kelly A. 🙂 2017 has witnessed the rise and success of full-screen smartphones. The full-screen edge-less design has indeed rapidly become one the most trending elements in smartphones along with the dual camera setup. Obviously, this also means we’ll be seeing many devices in 2018 with these two elements. There are basically three different types of full-screen designs currently on the market. We have the first and most popular one so called “Infinity Display” produced by Samsung and available on their latest Samsung S8/S8+. Then there is the “Tri-bezel-less Display”, which is embodied by Xiaomi Mi Mix series. Finally, there’s Apple’s “Top Notch Display” we can “admire” on the latest iPhone 8. The design and production of a “notch display” is much more difficult and complicated than that of normal full screen phones. In addition to that, this design choice hasn’t been widely accepted by customers due to its odd look. So far, apart from the iPhone 8, only SHARP AQUOS S2 and Essential Phone have adopted “notch” display but they are both really different from iPhone 8’s. As several months have now passed after its launch, iPhone 8’s FACE ID proves to be somewhat more convenient and flexible than the normal touch ID. Plus, the iPhone 8’s immersive display also provides a nice user experience, making the “notch display” increasingly more popular with each passing day. Recent leaks also showed that Huawei has designed its latest flagship – the P20 – with a “notch display” design, which is kind of a proof that the “notch display” getting popular. Not coincidentally, a set of photos showing another “notch display” phone have leaked from LEAGOO just after that – one of the leading export smartphone brands in China. The leaked photos indicate that LEAGOO’s new product will also have a top notch just like the iPhone 8. All rumors lead us to believe the mentioned upcoming phone is called “LEAGOO S9”. Read Also: Snapdragon 670 GPU Performance Is Amazing At the moment of writing, we still don’t know what specs and features the LEAGOO S9 will pack. But according to LEAGOO sources, the S9 will adopt a Face ID technology which will work exactly like the one on the iPhone 8 and will unlock the device in just 0.1 second. It will also feature 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and a 5.85-inch HD+ IPS display. In line with LEAGOO’s products roadmap, the LEAGOO S9 will be launched at the MWC2018 in Barcelona on February in alliance with top Premier League team – Tottenham Hotspur. A mysterious football stars from THFC will also join the launch event and announce LEAGOO S9 at that time. If you want to know more about the phone stay tuned on Gizchina or check out LEAGOO’s official website where you can also enter the giveaway to win a free LEAGOO S9. Related // if (window.jQuery) { Thecraft Family Read more → How to Refresh & Speed Up iPhone 7, 8 & X, as Well as Older Models * 4. Do you play sports? congratulations to the winners!!!!!! Jayski Posted at 04:50h, 24 February Reply I really love Your Youtube videos but recently i just subscribed and I just love your videos as well as your Mother’s videos.My Grandmother actually whatches her videos and does it on my hair for school!My favorite one is the hairstyle is the mermaid braid!:) Happy Summer timbrookes Affiliate Hey Brooklynn & Bailey today I helped an elderly in a wheel chair put groceries in her car. hello brooklyn & bailey. my name is Nicole Rayoni. my good deed was a while ago when me and my mom went to go help build a house with a poor family and staff that work with my mom.. we had fundraisers and talent shows to raise up for this poor family. we were so happy to see the big smile on there face. here is a picture! :)) 'Just landing at the airport scares the s**t out of me': Lindsay Lohan reveals she is 'terrified' of returning to LA after admitting her hard partying lifestyle  2 MINUTES!!! October 10, 2012 at 6:37 pm October 10, 2012 at 3:20 am thanks so much. I want to use it # Giveaway # iPhone 8 # iPhone X # Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 # SMP Mobile Technology News & Reviews Giveaway I helped my mom with laundry and cooking. And i did a bonus and helped my grandma with her lawn. T Mobile Iphone Giveaway|Iphone 6 Giveaway Pop Up T Mobile Iphone Giveaway|Iphone 5 Giveaway Facebook Hoax T Mobile Iphone Giveaway|Iphone 6 Giveaway Philippines

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