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5 réponses I received the “congratulations you’ve won an ipad pop up” in chrome. Selecting ok was the only option that was available but I did not click ok. I double clicked the home button, swiped it up and reopened and the message was still there so I deleted chrome and downloaded a new Chrome HOWEVER when I opened Safari, the same “congratulations you’ve won an iphone” pop up was in Safari. So I cleared that cache and page. What do I need to remove or clear to make this go away. Turning it off, swiping the site away, deleting the browser and clearing the cache didn’t work. What other option is available. Thanks
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Iphone 6 Giveaway Malaisie 2016 Iphone Giveaway aujourd’hui T Mobile Iphone Giveaway

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1 Comment on Iphone 6s Giveaway octobre 2015

  1. Thomas Mooney says:

    Le vrai problème, c’est la propagation massive et en augmentation de ces arnaques, sur Facebook, Twitter etc… “Il faut dire que Rockyfroggy, DealsOfToday et les autres usent de subterfuges variés et savent manifestement créer le « buzz ». Pour attirer les internautes à eux, ils arborent plusieurs « déguisements » dans lesquels ils glissent un lien vers leur page d’abonnement. Il peut s’agir d’une enquête de satisfaction émanant soi-disant de votre opérateur mobile, d’un jeu concours organisé par votre fournisseur d’accès à Internet, d’une note de blog imaginaire…”
    Be aware of a new fraudulent move happening these days, the Post Office Change of Address aka Free C…
    PC-9801 1986 N/A N/A
    Bonjour @Ben13013 @maxou14270 @Evi je vous déconseille fortement de répondre à ce type d’offre ou de jeu qui ne provient pas d’Orange… peut-être du père Noel ? 😉
    Upgrade Program
    Ton message est touchant mais il s’agit d’un tirage au sort 🙂
    I got a message on Facebook messenger from a lady named Tammy M. Stabbed claiming to be the claims processor for the company. She stated I won 500,000.00 from a random drawing. She gave me a number of 512-815-2391 to call Fed-Ex so they would deliver my check after I payed the insurance and fee on my winnings and it would be overnighted to me. I called that number, it’s an Austin Texas Google number, not Fed-Ex. I called Facebook and Fed-Ex and they both said it was a scam. I reported it to the Federal trades commission and the Texas attorney generals office. DON’T fall for this it’s a big scam!!!

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