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Weather Hello I helped my mom bake peanut butter cookies…..!!!!!!:) So excited and nervous to see the real results :/ iPhone X giveaway! Enter now at iMore Samsung S9 Like you can’t even imagine bad
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Hi my name is Chloe.I have been watching your videos forever Now and I absolutely love YOU AND THE VIDEOS. Volunteering has been a big part of my life but the the last thing I have done is go to a special foundation I am a member to and made and gave gift baskets to the homeless. with all the money I have given away to different foundations would cover up the amount for a iPhone 6 please help me!!!! I would appreciate it so very much. Thank you

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Hey Brooklyn and baily I love u guys and all of ur family! One Day I baby sited my little brother for a long time coz my parents had to go away.
Awasome giveaway. Would like to win Thank you so much brother
Marketplace My mom register for this Giveaway for me because she wanted to do something nici for my birthday. My birthday is tomorow (26 th of june) and im very excited.r
PastelGirl101 Virnille Francisco i really don’t mind if i don’t win but atlas i tried i wonder who will win Audrey Robertson
MY GOODNESS Instant Play Games Get started with ads I went over to my real dads neighbor house and cleaned the horse stalls
Click this icon to view important information about the matchup. From shauntae Sriramachandran please add me to the competition @
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Follow Live Events SafeDraft Sign-Up I got a free family pass to a local farm which I gave to my Brother as a treat for him and my Nephews – I’m definitely a believer in sharing the love x
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Hi!!!the thing that I did to help my sister is to carry her crutches up stairs for her because she sprained her ankle and I bring up her food also the things that she need.that is what I did to help.
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Does anyone know how to refer friends to the sweepstakes through email? it just comes up with a blank search page every time you hit the button.
Hi Julia – If you’re doing a contest and need to choose a random winner, I’d recommend making a list of all of the usernames of the people who posted using the hashtag. Once you have this list, you can use a random name picker or other tool to choose a winner. I hope that helps!
Hello I am Aleksandra Skublak I have a daughter named Natalia Skublak she HAS. A sickness called pulmonary hypertension and I really want to get her a phone she dose not know about this she watches you videos all the time oh and if you would like to know I am 39 years old this is my email – thank you pls I really would like a phone for my Natalia but I just can’t afford Because I take care of her at sick kids more – hospital. Bye have a good life.
iPhone News 1:28 am please help rafflecopter Hi Brooklyn and Bailey! For the past few summers I have been volunteering at the vets office in my community. I’ve been doing this because I really love animals, and I want to become a veterinarian myself so that I can help lots of them. This isn’t really a random act. I hope that’s okay. I don’t know what crazy things will happen to me everyday I walk in, so I guess that part is random. I thought it would be fun the write about some of the animals I help take care of on here, and maybe I could win the giveaway. Also, I’d like to say how much I love y’all’s videos! Y’all inspire me everyday to be a better person. Love y’all!
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but I only have 5 more till 300 so why not and Bailey love you cahnnel and everything in it! What I do to make the
Internet Hoaxes Pls is Google distributing Samsung S9 every Saturday? A pop-up window appeared on my phone about 30 minutes ago and I was asked to answer some questions, after which I was told that I correctly understood 3 questions and asked for my card details, names and e-mail. Pls is a scam?
Follow the steps below. You can also complete some of the tasks in order to increase your chances of winning. Don’t forget to tweet about the giveaway every day through the widget below to get more points every day!
Thank you for posting videos often. Advanced Search Read her a book so she could fall asleep For the Love of Cocktails grows beyond the bar industry I probably look pathetic but idc Mock up and test ads
Abby Goli SEO Email Format I want to thank you Google.I am very happy when I ask that I get an iPhone X. Thankfully Google gives me the right information and get rid of a scam.
Thank you so so much that you make youtube videos♥ always when i am sad i show your videos and after i am happy! You are the best zwins ever!
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