who won fran I wish I won my parents aren’t getting me anything for my 16th birthday am Apple iPhone 7 Posted: 3 months ago by an anonymous user from or near: Kitwe, Copperbelt, Zambia
February 14th, 2018 | 1 Comment Hey Brooklyn and Bailey I absolutely love your videos ! I love you guys so much so earlier today I went to the hospital to help out I met this amazing elder lady that I helped walk around and talked to her and I had asked why was she in the hospital for so long and she told me that she stays to get Plasma put in her so after that I went to go donate plasma to help ❤️❤️
nicole lees i really do Hey B&B! I love you guys so much!! I have been babysitting so that I can earn money to buy myself a new and a good phone! I’ve also been doing it though to help out with peoples kids when their busy and its so much fun! I hope I get selected!!
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Hello bailey and brooklyn i doo so many thing for my inlaws and i never expect nothing in return because i love them and i love helping them with as much that i can because both of them work.
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I’m confused! So, in a couple hours, where do I look to know who is the winner? PARTNERS 115 DocGullett says 3 months ago Any idea?
Find us on Facebook Telecom Hey Brooklyn and Bailey I love your guys channel and I’ve been obsessed with going to my church and helping to feed the homeless we go every Monday and we also do this thing around each holiday and drop off bags of food to houses who really need help and don’t have money or who just got out of the homeless shelter and I just live seeing their reaction when we offer these actions to them it’s also wonderful thank you guys for being so grateful and having this give away have a blessed day!!
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Publishing Guidelines Hey Brooklyn and baliey I have wanted an iPhone 6 since it came this would mean the world to me But she said she already had one
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This scam just came up on the app “Map My Run” How do I get rid of it? i really want a iphone but im still young Apple’s second-largest shareholder is Berkshire Hathaway ~1 hour ago
Marisol Chavira Tarek. abdulhadiDecember 23, 2017 at 9:59 PM ari rubi i
Raffle copter be a dear and pick me !!! 🙁 Hi Brooklyn and Bailey I love your guys channel so much and I love your videos you guys are one of my fav channels on YouTube and I also love your mom’s channel to you guys are so pretty but my one neighbir lost there one pet and me and my aunt found it so we went around asking who’s it was and no one said they knew so we called the shelter and they took it we than had to get it back because they came and said it was theirs so I felt really good when I helped my neighbor and no this isn’t a lie and I put a picture to prove it
I really would like to try an iPhone. My husband had a 4 and really likes his. VSCO preset by Nike as a free limited edition
I am doing a good service by helping my mom and doing my chores and more chores she recently got a new job and I think she does a lot for us so I am doing more chores for her. #BTW if I were to win the iPhone 6 I would want the silver one. I just wanted to say that I really look up to you guys, I think you both are pretty and nice. I love how you do a lot for your family. You always make me laugh on your videos. I hope someday that I can meet you guys at one of your meet ups if you have another one. Please consider me too in the iPhone. I know you probably get a lot of Messages like this but I really mean it! Thanks and bye!
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TUTORIALS Ask Shaunti Abrianna Ferrero I gave my pocket money to my little brother because he lost his money and he was sad about it
Wireless Chargers My name is Sarah C. do you think i won and they just mispelled my name or did i lose Chloe
POR FAVORRR TUTORIALS Size and Weight UnknownMarch 14, 2018 at 2:25 PM Anything to make people happy
@lovelycelestia today, eventually I had that fake offer. Event the date was wrong. today is Tuesday but they say it is Wednesday and actual IP address not connected to google service it’s just a trick and DO NOT ENTER YOUR CARD DETAILS.
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21 hours ago Web Hosting Get your maximum tax refund – guaranteed Hey brooklyn and bailey i love watching your youtube channel,today i was helping my mom in the kitchen by washing the dishes, i was so happy i did thats, my mom hugged me and gave me a big kiss on the forehead because i helped so much i love her so much!!! I l LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!
11 mins. ago Apr, 18 oh wait nvm she got with PJ then moved to new york I hope the god is with me Great giveaway Apple iPhone 8
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Sarah Allan says Becca [email protected] not? Mikhou Here’s a link to a site that popped up while checking out 3-d sterograms using chrome on my tablet. I especially like the count down. Nice touch to add pressure to do the survey before you lose a chance to win a phone.
Today’s Headlines the Bet was placed on behalf of a Player who is younger than 18 years old or is/was a director, officer, or employee (or their spouse or dependant) of LottoStar or of one of the LottoStar Group companies;
You must complete a minimum of three (3) tasks to qualify. Alabama
After a week or so, collect the data.  Answer the following questions about your loop giveaway: Apple iPhone 6/6s Smart Battery case is available from an Apple retail store for $99.00. It’s also available at Apple authorized resellers like Amazon, which offers them in Charcoal or White for $98.00. Apple authorized reseller B&H also offers the iPhone Smart Battery Case in Charcoal and White for $98.00 with free shipping and no sales tax if you live outside NY.
best of british Omg omg omg Answered Aug 6 2017 · Author has 175 answers and 265.7k answer views
These fake accounts offer coupons, flights, or deals in exchange for likes, shares, follows and comments containing your email address so that you can claim your freebies and “giveaways”. Of course, you receive nothing and you have now given away your personal identification to the scammers.
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    Guys I’d like to see all of us try
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    While I have positive experiences I do acknowledge that not all giveaways are trustful. Some people get scammed really hard, but as long as it doesn’t require me giving my address or phone number or anything else like that I’m cool with it. And if I know the person or the ones giving them and I know they have done these before and everyone has been happy I might change my attitude then.
    * There is no free iPad

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