Posted By: Nitesh Sahai Heres what the scammer sent me. her name or alias is SHaron WIlliams. She has a facebook account and it says she works for Facebook.
I had a friend request sent to me a week or so ago and I have ignored it thus far until tonight. I messaged them asking if we knew each other and what was the reason of the request. Needless to say this person is trying to tell me I am a winner of a large amount of money and that she is a facebook lottery employee. I tried looking up this timeline on my own with out goin thru the friend request but couldn’t find it but I did find an identical account but with a different picture. I thought about messaging the 2nd account to say they were being copied but then thought it was likely the same person. I let this person carry on the conversation via messenger needless to say I got the FBI thing and to end up with they asked me for all my contact details. I have been thinking to make up a pile of rubbish just to waste their time some more but I would be more interested in reporting it to Facebook which believe me is no easy feat. There is no (… More) button on the timeline if I click on the friend request so I’m not sure if I have to accept this idiot first just so I can report her. (I am not doing that!) I have no idea how I can report them to Facebook. Does anyone else know?
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Instagram Stories have more than 250 million daily active users, representing close to 50% of the entire platform’s DAUs. What’s more, DAU growth has increased 150% from October 2016 to June 2017.
gagner iphone radio En attendant, j’ai parfois l’impression que ça crée une certaine névrose de la perfection, non ? (on revient à ce thème qui, je le crois, est parfois très bien traité ici)
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Posted By: Muhammad Ullah Baig Top 25 iPad gratuit Les entreprêteurs, un site sympathique Android Data Recovery FreeDownload I’m not treating you but why can’t you proved that you are the owner of this Facebook account?
{{localNews.tv_content.title}} Residential Address (Not P.O Box Address): i have received messages from a susan joyce willaims claiming i have won money ,saying she works for facebook,i have reported her to facebook ,no reply yet
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I received today through Facebook messenger that I won money. But I had to send $500. I then told them I thought it was scam and to delete my information. Now I’m really worried. It says General manager at Facebook and named Agent Dain Black.
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Voilà donc quelques pages de faux concours trouvées en quelques minutes… Intéressons-nous de plus près à l’une d’entre elles qui a relativement bien fonctionné outre Atlantique et qui est nettement plus d’actualité : un concours pour gagner un iPhone 7 !!! Ouah ! La classe 😎 !
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I am delighted to add you and direct you through the final claiming of your winnings prize money of a sum of 1M Dollars which is stated by the CEO Mark zuckerberg . I hope I am in contact with the right ownership of this winnings prize?
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Instagram Direct—the private photo sharing feature—plants a tray icon right at the top right corner of the app’s home screen. Tapping this opens your inbox for directly shared Instagram photos and videos. Listed in the same place is media you’ve shared directly to others, but that’s not really a cause for any confusion, since you see your username and picture for stuff you’ve shared out. You have the option to directly share any photo or video after you’ve finished editing it.
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